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Comm: Shiny Liepard TF by CenrjisRebirth Comm: Shiny Liepard TF :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 14 16 COM: Cobalt the Riolu by CenrjisRebirth COM: Cobalt the Riolu :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 12 2
The Golden Egg (Dragon-themed TF RP) [CLOSED]
Somehow, without any recollection of how made it to this place... Might this a dream, you be having? In what may appear to be a mountainous area, you find yourself taking a few steps on a stony staircase, climbing up towards something that might appear to be a large shrine of some sort. Taking a closer look, you noticed large statues, it takes your breath to see it’s representing those magnificent beasts... indeed, those statues are dragons. Large, elegant, strong, and powerful, you can’t quite help but admire their very essence.
On the heart of the shrine, you noticed a large golden egg on a pedestal, surrounded by statues of all sorts of dragons, all of the dragons depicted appeared to be very diverse in appearance.  Something about the egg is drawing to your attention, like it may be telling you to come closer to it… although you don’t actually hear any sort of voice. As you get closer, you feel an overwhelming feeling of being watched by something, or n
:iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 5 394
Reflective Curse (Anthro Fox TF) by CenrjisRebirth Reflective Curse (Anthro Fox TF) :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 12 1 Forest Dreams (Leafeon TF) by CenrjisRebirth Forest Dreams (Leafeon TF) :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 30 24 Arrowstruck (Cat Fursona TF) by CenrjisRebirth Arrowstruck (Cat Fursona TF) :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 16 14 Petey #01 Reference by CenrjisRebirth Petey #01 Reference :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 6 2 Jasmine's Reference 'n Bio by CenrjisRebirth Jasmine's Reference 'n Bio :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 0 6 Dynablade TF by CenrjisRebirth Dynablade TF :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 19 21 Jangmo-o TF by CenrjisRebirth Jangmo-o TF :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 32 21 Naganadel TF by CenrjisRebirth Naganadel TF :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 27 7 Magearna TF by CenrjisRebirth Magearna TF :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 15 11 Chillin' with Lugia by CenrjisRebirth Chillin' with Lugia :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 12 15
Christmas Surprise (Pokemon TF RP) [CLOSED]
So, it's about Christmas morning, and as most should know... It's that time of the year where people get free stuff from friends, family, and from this crazy old fat man wearing red, called Santa Claus. Nobody really know how the exactly the birth of the messiah really is related to some event when a fat lunatic man that gives kids free stuff while riding on flying deers, but who cares? Getting presents is always nice, especially if it's always something you had always wanted for quite some time. Of course, whatever or not you had celebrated the holiday, you are for a bit of surprise gift as a Pokemon fan, as you found a mysterious present on your xmas tree or doorstep. Being from someone who apparently is "your secret admirer", whom you have no idea is. This is one gift that you definitely hadn't asked for, or at least hadn't told anyone about.
You have three options on what your gift should be:
A) A present, when opened, sprays out a strange peculiar goo on your face by surpri
:iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 1 396
Yveltal TF (with story) by CenrjisRebirth Yveltal TF (with story) :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 33 2 Alolan Ninetales TF by CenrjisRebirth Alolan Ninetales TF :iconcenrjisrebirth:CenrjisRebirth 51 7
Mostly TF and/or Pokemon stuff, go figure.

Random Favourites

Midnight Wolffo by thegreyzen Midnight Wolffo :iconthegreyzen:thegreyzen 384 35 Mom is back by thegreyzen Mom is back :iconthegreyzen:thegreyzen 515 66 Chill Bros by thegreyzen Chill Bros :iconthegreyzen:thegreyzen 344 24 Dartix~ by thegreyzen Dartix~ :iconthegreyzen:thegreyzen 221 29 Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap by Crumbelievable Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap :iconcrumbelievable:Crumbelievable 11 0 Wonder Girl and the Dragon's Trap by GordoJogador Wonder Girl and the Dragon's Trap :icongordojogador:GordoJogador 12 0 Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap by PsychoPop Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap :iconpsychopop:PsychoPop 14 5 Monstrous Identities by NostalgiaLad2 Monstrous Identities :iconnostalgialad2:NostalgiaLad2 31 7 AT- Green by ziryuu AT- Green :iconziryuu:ziryuu 30 5 #39-Show Virizion by LockStockCreation #39-Show Virizion :iconlockstockcreation:LockStockCreation 47 4 favorite starters by ShinyVulpix favorite starters :iconshinyvulpix:ShinyVulpix 217 23 Silver the Dragongirl by Blazbaros Silver the Dragongirl :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 697 31 Stinger by Blazbaros Stinger :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 443 31 Mothgirl by Blazbaros Mothgirl :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 763 48 Scorpion Girls by Blazbaros Scorpion Girls :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 620 48
The list just keeps getting bigger almost everyday...
I'm actually a bit jealous that I can't draw like these artists.

About Commissions & Art Trades

Rather than using a fixed price for options, you can name your price for your commissions. Regardless of the option, the amount is really more dependant on your support and not on the quality of the commision itself. If you wish me support for whatever I do, I'd suggest asking for one.

If you want to pay with DA Points, use the widget below. Points sent to me from other methods besides from the 'Commissions' Box will be sent back to you.

If you want to pay through PayPal, please note me.

Art Trades:
Please note me, if you are interested.


50 Points / $0.50 USD
The cheapest of the 'name your price' options. Ain't much, but I understand you probably don't have much.
100 Points / $1.00 USD
Not much, but better than nothing.
200 Points / $2.00 USD
Fairly cool. I suppose.
250 Points / $2.50 USD
Well, I'd be fine with this, or with any option really.
500 Points / $5.00 USD
A lil' more value.
1000 Points / $10.00 USD
This is definitely nicer.
2000 Points / $20.00 USD
Well, this is getting a little on the generosity side.
4000 Points / $40.00 USD
You are awesome, if you actually pay me this much.
8000 Points / $80.00 USD
...Seriously? I'd have your eternal gratitude.




CenrjisRebirth's Profile Picture
Jasmine (or Cenrji)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi, I'm just your typical (or perhaps atypical) artist. Usually it's just TF art, but I also do RPs and (very rarely) write stories.

I also use FurAffinity simultaneously.
Discord: Donut#5322

What would you like to see for my future TF works? Always looking for ways to improve my work. 

11 deviants said Make the TFs have more emphasis on the transformation part, rather than making it seem nearly complete.
4 deviants said Make simply more TFs.
3 deviants said More TF sequences, rather than single image TFs.
3 deviants said Different style(s). To something more fancier and/or standard.
3 deviants said Delve into NSFW-y themes.
2 deviants said Intentionally go off-model for species/characters. For a more stylized spin.
2 deviants said More thought into the stories and/or characters within the TFs.
1 deviant said More diverse choices for species/characters used.
1 deviant said Other (Tell me, please.)
No deviants said Nah, everything is fine that way it is now imo.


It's weird to have a dream of remembering something that never actually existed, at least not here in real life. For whatever reason I had a dream that Necrozma had a 5th form which looked like Ultra with that golden shining body as a dragon type, but it stands on fours, had a mustache, and overall looked too western cartoony to be Pokemon styled. Obviously something like this doesn't exist.
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I don't know why I'm saying this.
I'm transforming for you.
But I'm changing you too.

Happy Valentines Day. This is a terrible poem.
Lately, there's a weird DA glitch with animated icons. Like I might see double of my icon, flickering constantly and then it's suddenly gone. Guess I'm really a ninja, and I don't even try to be.
I wonder, which Pokemon doesn't have any associated TFs for it at all? Or at least, has little to none existing? You can swear that every species of Pokemon (no matter how underrated it is) has at least one done by somebody.

And if Digimon is supposed to be a 'counterpart' to Pokemon like some fans may have said, it being somewhat popular (popular enough to even have it's own TF folder for some TF groups) and apparently has more species than Pokemon(?), how come it lacks far more diversity than Pokemon TFs? It's mostly just the main characters' Digimon that have a leading role in the anime that get the TFs (Renamon, Agumon, Weregarurumon, Flamedramon, Guilmon, Terriermon).
Well, okay sure. I can see that Digimon is not that popular, but still...!
The fridge logic realization you make about 2017 was the fact the virtual hat simulator (Team Fortress 2) had it had it's 10th Anniversary, and on the same year there was two games coming out that revolved around hats. Super Mario Odyssey and A Hat in Time. I was also watching Meet the Robinsons (which was released on 2007, same year when TF2 was released) on the same year, which involved an evil hat. And in 1997, Super Mario 64 was released and it involved hats for powerups.


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